Hy Tek

We now have access to on-line Hy-Tek training videos courtesy of Franke Marsden of Atlanta Swimming Association.  He has allowed Cobb Summer Swim League to use these videos which is what their coaches and coordinators use for learning Hy Tek.

The Link will here will take you to additional links to videos based on what you want to do.  These videos support Team Manager 5.0 and Meet Manager 3.0. While  you may have other versions you will still be able to use these videos. Updates are usually for small changes and add-ons. not usually big stuff that changes how things work.

Hy Tek is currently supporting Team Manager 7.0 and Meet Manager 5.0.  If you own these versions and call Hy Tek Support, they will ask for the name that you purchased the license under.  (Usually the team name.) They will answer any questions if you have TM 7.0 or MM 5.0.  All other versions they will not answer questions.  Buying the new license gets you that tech support which is the reason for all the updates.

We have added this online help to make your life easier especially in those stressful moments trying to get ready for a meet and you can not reach someone.  We will still do our best to answer your questions it the other options do not work.

Chris Lash – League Administrator

Send Rosters to:   rosterscssl@gmail.com


Video links for Hy-Tek Meet Manager

Hy Tek Team Manager Online Class

Hy Tek Meet Manager Online Class

Hy-Tek Support Contact

Voice Toll Free: 866.456.5111